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  Yilin Chen f3f3db349c Merge pull request #128 from silathdiir/fix-issue-119-convert-futures-to-async-await 5 days ago
  Steven Gu 7f07f162be Simplifies code according to the review. 5 days ago
  Steven Gu e3836ade98 Reverts changing `Box::pin`. 2 weeks ago
  Steven Gu 73b2e66430 Fixes issue-119:Convert futures to `async/await`. 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen cf3321ac18 Merge pull request #126 from zyctree/patch-1 2 weeks ago
  Pen Tree dbbd98a9e6 Fix protobuf dependency 1 month ago
  Ana Hobden 8d2c784c88 update nightly (#124) 2 months ago
  Yilin Chen e97407a817 Merge pull request #120 from nrc/retry-tso 4 months ago
  Nick Cameron 197af622c2 Retry get_timestamp 4 months ago
  Nick Cameron 9d1256fba6 Merge pull request #109 from sticnarf/2pc 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 4c6ab294ef Update and delete in integration tests 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 3ab4252e1d Remove dummy_impl_has_locks macro 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 1083aef8b4 Add integration tests 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 20a834713a Make Transaction::new only visible in crate 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 765deed75c Address comments 4 months ago
  Yilin Chen 65fd0dda5a Merge branch 'master' into 2pc 4 months ago
  Nick Cameron 3908c6a1f9 Merge pull request #118 from nrc/retry 5 months ago
  Ana Hobden d5a6345b06 Merge branch 'master' into retry 5 months ago
  Nick Cameron 99a7bc622f Replace the retry implementation. 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen e63b25ca50 Merge pull request #115 from Hoverbear/inner 5 months ago
  Ana Hobden 0d6de4ba30 Add fully qualified docs 5 months ago
  Ana Hobden 836f5bbc43 Add to_inner methods to key and value 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen fc05d8b938 Use inspect_err instead of match 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen b15d8ab935 Fix doctests 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen 0c130f4786 Implement HasError for responses with multiple errors 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen c89c0fc21a Add background worker 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen 0f93a3c756 Use default TTL only 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen b13a99dd30 Replace transmute following clippy's advice 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen d926300a45 Add undetermined error 5 months ago
  Yilin Chen d677b32c12 Simplify store stream 5 months ago