Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Cameron 3908c6a1f9 Merge pull request #118 from nrc/retry 1 week ago
  Ana Hobden d5a6345b06 Merge branch 'master' into retry 1 week ago
  Nick Cameron 99a7bc622f Replace the retry implementation. 2 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen e63b25ca50 Merge pull request #115 from Hoverbear/inner 2 weeks ago
  Ana Hobden 0d6de4ba30 Add fully qualified docs 2 weeks ago
  Ana Hobden 836f5bbc43 Add to_inner methods to key and value 2 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 8f6be705e1 Merge pull request #113 from sticnarf/fix-has-error 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen c93ef6ee86 Implement HasError for responses with multiple errors 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen f9fa5566d8 Merge pull request #112 from sticnarf/remove-tokio-timer 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 4f6cecc18c Remove tokio-timer 3 weeks ago
  Shirly 2fb14dd3c1 Merge pull request #108 from sticnarf/resolve-lock 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 1a604e4ea1 Extract repeated store_stream implementations 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen dd2e186b0c fix negative resolve lock return value 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 1ab0e7fdd6 Take errors in the execute function 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 8d02eea86e Address comments 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen a6505e5bbb Add delay if all locks are not resolved 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 16a2abc9a2 Address comments 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen f093c64f21 Upgrade toolchain and dependencies. 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 2eccbfe7b6 Add comments to ResolveLockRequest 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen f83d8676d9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into resolve-lock 3 weeks ago
  Yilin Chen 7381efc30d Resolve locks 3 weeks ago
  Nick Cameron cef98f2cb6 Merge pull request #107 from nrc/snapshot 4 weeks ago
  Nick Cameron 3b5dce85fa Add Snapshot 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron 24876ad6e3 Merge pull request #104 from nrc/txt-snap 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron 68bdcf905e Address review comments 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron 5e5dbd3926 Cache reads in batch case 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron b55372bc49 Use transaction requests to execute get/batch_get 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron 3503bc735c Refactor Transaction::batch_get 1 month ago
  Nick Cameron 3ef84b1a17 Remove snapshot 1 month ago
  Yilin Chen 7062e0ea4d Merge pull request #103 from sticnarf/handle-error 1 month ago